Enjoy this interview with Days of Our Lives‘ Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean.  With the upcoming and highly-anticipated wedding of their characters “Sonny Kiriakis” and “Paul Narita” airing on September 29th and October 2nd, OutTakes had a special opportunity to chat with these two actors about their upcoming storylines and character insights.


OT:  So were the bachelor parties for Sonny and Paul as fun for you to tape as they were for us to watch?

Christopher:  Oh my God, we laughed so much!

Freddie:  It was good, despite all the heavy cigar smoke that everyone was blowing into my face!

Paul's bachelor party on Days of our Lives
Paul’s bachelor party on Days of our Lives

OT:  We have seen some preview photos of the wedding scenes on social media.  How was the experience of filming those scenes?  Was it a long shoot?

Freddie:  It was.  In those kind of super emotional scenes, everyone has this unspoken energy about them, respecting where the actors are in their mindset.  We shot for about ten to twelve hours.  There wasn’t much goofing around because you are so submerged in that love and emotion throughout the day.  The same thing happens when taping funerals.  It is a different energy on the set; and you really have to commit to that emotion to pull off an organic scene.

Christopher:  All of the actors are aware that when you are doing an episode along these lines.  I had a four page monologue; Freddie had one also.  The other actors there know that that workload is intense; and they alsoknow if they screw us up, they’re not going to get off the set!

Freddie:  They are rooting for us as much as we are rooting for ourselves.

Soap Opera Digest publicity shot of PaulSon wedding
Soap Opera Digest publicity shot of PaulSon wedding

Freddie, we have already seen Chandler Massey air on DAYS as “Will”, showing up in fantasies and dreams.  How has it been working again with Chandler?

Freddie:  Really good!  There’s a natural nostalgic feeling there.  He was gone for a few years; and when he came back, it worked for me as both a person and as a character.  It was like a reunion show.  We started off with something and did something great; to relive that has been very cool.  Also there has been so much maturity with our characters.   Chandler and I are both three to four years older.  It’s been wonderful to reconnect.

Freddie Smith, Chandler Massey and Christopher Sean (Sonny, Will and Paul, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
Freddie Smith, Chandler Massey and Christopher Sean (Sonny, Will and Paul, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

Why do fans love Paul and Sonny?

Christopher:  It’s all Freddie really!

Freddie:  Get outta here…get outta here!

Christopher:  My thought would be it has to do with that first love…that person that they always think about.  Everyone can relate to that.  It’s an easy way to make people jump on board.

Freddie:  We just work well.  The connection of being the first love.  We felt that at the beginning; and then blended that with the new love of who we are today.

Any favorite PaulSon scenes or storylines that are your favorites?

Christopher:  Everything that has to do with Freddie I really like!  (laughs)  My favorite PaulSon scenes probably are the wedding scenes.  And what’s coming up in the next few months have probably been my favorites as well because of how honest and real the story is.  How do you play this situation honestly?  I love the way it all unfolds!


What advice would you give Paul and Sonny to help their marriage last (assuming they actually do get married)?

Freddie:  Stick to who they are as people.  They’re both very good people.  They both make each other better.  As long as they continue with that trust and respect, they could make it for the long haul.

What would you like to see happen with Paul and Sonny?

Freddie:  Honestly it’s what’s happening now.  Everything was very comfortable when we got together.  Having some sort of challenge in the relationship is either going to break it or make it stronger.  The next two months are going to show that.  Are they meant to be or are they not?  Let’s see what happens.  What’s coming is perfect for their characters.

Be sure to catch the double wedding of “Sonny Kiriakis” and “Paul Narita” as well as “Chad Dimera” and “Abigail Deveraux” airing on September 29th and October 2nd.

Photo credits:  Days of our Lives, Freddie Smith Instagram, Soap Opera Digest

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