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Laurie Baker grew up watching Days of Our Lives. She was just a fan like millions of others. Now, though, she is not only a fan, she is a reporter. Her internet radio show, Outtakes Interviews, is a hit with soap fans. She has interviewed stars from all four soaps, but Days is still her first love. She gets the answers to questions that fans are dying to know the answers to.

Laurie has attended major soap events like the 50th anniversary party of Days of Our Lives. Her videos and photos of the gala were amazing. I felt like I had attended the event with her.

I wanted to know more about Laurie and Outtakes Interviews. I emailed her some questions. Thank you Laurie for taking the time to answer them

What is your professional background?  Were you a journalist/ reporter?
I have not gone to formal journalism school…but I participated in a lot of writing and acting all throughout high school, college and my early years in New York City.  I think those experiences taught me quite a bit.  And I am still learning all the time.
How long how you been a soap opera fan?
I grew up watching DAYS OF OUR LIVES with my family.  But I really fell in love with the show around 1982 with Tony/Renee, Marlena/Roman and Liz/Neil.  DAYS was and is my main soap opera.  With the internet, it became easier for me to watch the other soaps.  In 2009, I began watching all the ones that were still around.  And now every televised soap has something about it that I’m in love.
Where did the idea for your outtakes interviews come from?  The concept is a unique one. you have combined your interest in soaps with reporting.
As the internet kept growing, there were websites that came along that were very inspiring to me.  “Daytime Confidential” and “We Love Soaps” were two of them that really would write good articles, have wonderful podcasts and do great interviews with soap opera actors.  And I said to myself, “I would love to do that.”  I am also a fan of “Inside the Actor’s Studio”.  I love to find out what makes actors tick…and so many soap opera actors are brushed off…although that form of acting under such high pressure with little rehearsal time is probably the hardest type of acting there is.  And I am interested in finding out their real insight into the characters they play.  I don’t particularly care for fluffy questions.  And I rarely ask about what will happen next on the soap opera because the actor would only get in trouble by answering anyway
Who was your first outtakes interview subject? Who has been your most memorable interview subject/experience?
James Reynolds (Abe from DAYS OF OUR LIVES) was the first actor to give me a yes.  We did an interview about a play he was doing at Cape May Stage in New Jersey.  I was nervous…and there were some tech problems with the first radio show, but James was gracious and wonderful about it.
It is hard to pick the most memorable because there have been a lot of interviews I’ve cherished.  The show with the all-time highest listen count I did was with Eric Martsolf (Brady DAYS) and Christian LeBlanc (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) where they were promoting a Christmas comedy event that they were doing together.  They were so wild and crazy!  It was hysterical.  There are some who were on my wish list from day one…and when I got them, it was terrific!  Matthew Ashford, Patsy Pease, Charles Shaughnessy, Thaao Penghlis and John deLancie (yes, all DAYS actors!) were a few that come to mind.
How do stars react when they learn you want to interview them?
Usually, it is either “Sure, let’s do it”; or no reply at all.
Have you ever had a star react negatively?
Is there anyone you are dying to interview but haven’t yet? 
Joseph Mascolo, Michael T. Weiss, Charlotte Ross, Roger Howarth, Kassie dePaiva and Peter Bergman.  I am sure there are more that I am forgetting!
What’s it like to cover major events like day of days or days 50th anniversary?
The DAYS 50th Anniversary Gala was surreal.  It was like a dream where every actor you ever watched on the show was right there.  And I was like…do I want to talk to this actor who I’ve loved forever on my right?  Or this actor who I’ve loved forever on my left?  And meanwhile, Stephen Nichols, Ari Zucker, Eric Martsolf and others were all singing these terrific songs on stage.  So I was trying to film some of that…but I also wanted to socialize at the same time.  Not complaining…but truly a situation where there was too much of a good thing!
With doing interviews at Day of DAYS, I just try to focus on my love of DAYS OF OUR LIVES and the actors/characters involved.  And I try to go for questions that I am guessing fans would want to know about specifically for each character/actor.  Not anything too general or cookie cutter.  In the press room, they bring in two actors at a time to interview every ten minutes; so you have to be prepared and ready to go at a moment’s notice.
How long does the editing process take?
It truly depends on the interview itself.  Sometimes with audio, there are technical problems with volume or static that have to be edited out.  Video itself does not take as long, except for montages, etc.
What are your future plans for outtakes interviews?
I would love to do more interviews on site and on camera as opposed to long distance and audio.  But that is a matter of opportunity more than anything else.  Mainly it is just a matter of persistence, continuing to look for good guests and building up more audience.  I just hope to keep the momentum going!
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JAMIE LUNER first came to prominence from the ABC sitcom Just the Ten of Us.  Since then, she is known for her roles on Melrose Place, Profiler and All My Children.  Be sure to catch her latest Lifetime movie coming up on Saturday, September 9th at 8/7c — A Lover Betrayed.  Jamie will be live tweeting during the West Coast airing on Twitter (@jamieluner).

Summary of A Lover Betrayed:  Five years after her son was killed, Tess Ford is ready to live again. But a one-night romance with a handsome soldier throws her life back into chaos as the young man’s attraction turns out to be a frightening obsession. Jamie Luner, Jason Brooks, Brent Antonello, Maurice Benard star.

Tell us about playing “Tess Ford” in A Lover Betrayed.

I am so proud to do this character of Tess. Originally I was taken in by heart. She has undergone the most devastating thing a parent can possibly envision – losing a child unexpectedly; but what she ends up doing is really turning all of the pain and hurt into being of service to others who also have shared the same experience.  From there, she is on a mission to put her life back together.  She is separated from her husband and is on a book tour where she meets up with a handsome man. They connect over their mutual pain and have a one-night affair. Later, she has conversations with her husband; and they decide to have another go with their relationship. So she decides to say to the young soldier, “Thank you very much.  It’s been a lovely time…” but he does not take no for an answer.  So it turns into a stalking scenario. Tess is a smart empowered woman, but she is constantly being checkmated by this man; he is one step ahead of her at every turn.  The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat; and the twists and turns will well be worth the entire journey of the movie. Continue reading “JAMIE LUNER talks A LOVER BETRAYED”



Actress and life coach SONIA SATRA talks about her role as “Gloria Steinem” in AMERICAN PLAYBOY: THE HUGH HEFNER STORY currently streaming on Daytime fans will remember her for her daytime roles in GUIDING LIGHT and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Sonia currently runs a physical fitness company called MOTICIZE.

Dancing with the DAYS Stars (Boston Dual Coast Events 2017)

Photo Aug 28, 10 11 50 AM

A fun time was had by Days of our Lives fans on August 26, 2017 in Boston at Dual Coast Events.  Actors featured were Eric Martsolf (Brady), Judi Evans (Adrienne/Bonnie), James Reynolds (Abe), Vincent Irizarry (Deimos) and Robert Scott Wilson (Ben).  The day started out with a group photo, followed by a mix and mingle event (complete with photos, autographs and games) and completed with a cocktail/dance party…hosted by Tony Moore of Dishin’ DAYS.

— Here I am pictured above with Vincent Irizarry and Judi Evans (Deimos and Adrienne, Days of our Lives; Lujack and Beth, Guiding Light); and hitting the dance floor with Eric Martsolf (Brady Black, Days of our Lives).

Catch Vincent and Judi dancing to their GUIDING LIGHT theme song from when they played Lujack and Beth on the past soap; enjoy Eric doing some Saturday Night Fever; and here I am doing a little dance with James. Oh, what a night!

Keep up with future dates for Dual Coast Events at their website:

Photo Aug 26, 7 33 57 PM (1)

— Laurie Baker

Soap stars are spectators of the 2017 SOLAR ECLIPSE


Many favorite daytime stars came out to admire the 2017 total solar eclipse that crossed the sky from Oregon to South Carolina, an event that has not happened in the continental United States since 1979 and had not traveled so far across the country in over a century.  (Counter-clockwise) Alison Sweeney, Thaao Penghlis, Guy Wilson, Jen Lilley, Melissa and Scott Reeves, Brandon Barash, Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, Daniel Hall, Stephen Nichols, Pierson Fode; picture of solar eclipse taken by Eric Martsolf.

JEN LILLEY talks Hallmark Channel’s EAT PLAY LOVE


JEN LILLEY  is best known for her role as “Theresa Donovan” on NBC’s Days of our Lives and her portrayal of “Maxie Jones” on ABC’s General Hospital.  She also appeared in the Academy Award-winning film, The Artist.  Catch Jen starring in Eat Play Love, a Hallmark Channel Original Movie airing on Saturday, August 19th 9/8c.  During the movie, live tweet and Instagram with Jen Lilley @jen_lilley and her co-star Jason Cermak @jasoncermak (pictured above) using the #EatPlayLove hashtag.

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BRIAN BEACOCK talks ACTING DEAD the webseries


Creator and producer BRIAN BEACOCK talks about his award-winning zombie comedy webseries, ACTING DEAD. Along with Brian, the cast consists of Jillian Claire, Chris Galya, Patrika Darbo, Paul Nygro and John Yelvington as well as some great guest stars such as Debbie Gibson, Carolyn Hennesy, Sean Kanan and Eric Martsolf. The series is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Get ready for Season 2 to come!

Interview with Bill Hayes (Doug, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) — World by the Tail


For “Days of our Lives” fans, the character of “Doug Williams” has become part of the heart and soul of the fictional town of Salem. Even before Bill Hayes ever set foot upon a soap opera soundstage, this showman was already captivating audiences with his dancing, singing and acting. To this day, Bill loves entertaining…but if you ask him what life is all about, he will tell you family. And this love is returned through a passion project of David Samuel, Bill’s grandson, who commissioned a film all about Bill’s life – WORLD BY THE TAIL.

This documentary takes us on a journey from Bill’s early years entertaining in the 1940’s, crooning on “Your Show of Shows,” recording the #1 Billboard hit “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” and ultimately becoming beloved throughout daytime on “Days of our Lives”. But this movie is not only about Bill’s career as an entertainer. We also learn about the man behind the performer – his early years during the depression growing up in Illinois, his service in WWII, his highs and lows from a marriage in trouble leading up to his real-life love story with co-star Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie, “Days of our Lives”). The film is narrated by Bill himself but we also get treated with commentary by delightful film and television legends such as Mel Brooks, Shirley MacLaine, Elliott Gould, Carl Reiner and Shirley Jones…to name a few; and “Days of our Lives” fans will enjoy the input from many of Bill’s co-stars such as Kristian Alfonso, Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn.

Enjoy this interview with Bill Hayes telling us about his having the WORLD BY THE TAIL…


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Crystal Chappell (VENICE THE SERIES) — Daytime Emmy Award Series #8


Audio interview with Crystal Chappell (creator, producer and actress of VENICE THE SERIES) as part of the OutTakes Interviews Daytime Emmy Awards 2017 Series.  Crystal talks about the show’s Daytime Emmy Nomination as Outstanding Digital Daytime Series and her role as “Gina”.  Catch the series at

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