Enjoy this interview with Days of Our Lives’ Billy Flynn and Marci Miller.  With the upcoming and highly-anticipated wedding of their characters “Chad Dimera” and “Abigail Deveraux” airing on September 29th and October 2nd, OutTakes had a special opportunity to chat with these two actors about their upcoming storylines and character insights.

OT:  Were the bachelor and bachelorette parties as much fun to film as they were for us to watch?

Marci:  Oh my gosh, yes!  I remember after that day I thought how I want to have a lot more scenes with a bunch of girls all piled together having a good time, eating cake and drinking fake champagne.  So fun!

Billy:  It was just bonkers.  We had a good time shooting those scenes.  There was a lot of room for ad libbing with the Andre bachelor party.  We were really rolling off each other.

Abigail's bachelorette party, DAYS OF OUR LIVES

OT:  Marci, we have already seen preview pictures of the wedding on Instagram.  Tell us about the wedding dress.

Marci:  Richard Bloore, the costume designer for DAYS, is fantastic.  Honestly he knows how to dress my body better than I do.  He brought in a couple of options, dresses that looked really beautiful on the hanger.  The one we decided on was so different than what I ultimately would have chosen for me or Abigail, but when I put it on, it made perfect sense.  The dress had a youthfulness to it that I liked.  Richard totally nailed it.

OT:  How was the experience for you actually shooting the wedding?

Marci:  Fortunately we get to work with a lot of people who we really enjoy.  It is a long day.  There are so many different angles and specifics, so many people speaking and reaction shots, so many components to it that it is time consuming and tiring to shoot.  I remember my feet hurting from standing up in heels the entire day.  There’s some B roll that somebody put up on YouTube; and in a lot of the shots, I am sitting in this big puffy dress on the ground.  (laughs)  But it’s still very fun.  We have a great job and work with great people.

Billy:  I think we’re on our third wedding now?  Each one has been special.  It was interesting to be part of a double wedding.  I was kind of hoping this time Chad and Abigail could get married without a hitch…but that’s not really Salem so…  But it was fun.  I have a blast working with Freddie Smith, Christopher Sean and Marci. It was a wonderful experience.  Magical.

OT:  What do fans love about Chad and Abigail?

Marci:  Chad and Abigail are a couple easy to relate to.  Two people who want to be loved and feel loved and are in love.  They have covered a lot of ground and experienced a lot of heartache, drama and challenges…but have chosen to be together.  It’s the idea of having a soulmate and a life partner.

Billy:  Two people who wanted to fall in love and be loved.

OT:  What advice would you give to Chad and Abigail to have a strong marriage?

Marci:  Being on the same page at the end of every day is really healthy.  Life happens and things come up, but at the end of every day before you go to sleep, make sure that you’re both in a connected place where you can say “Hey, I love you.  I’m grateful for you.  I respect you.”  It is such a blessing to have a life partner; and it is easy to take a relationship for granted over petty things.  Don’t let the petty things get in the way.

OT:  What do you like the most about playing your characters?

Marci:  Abigail is so different from me in a lot of ways.  It brings up a lot of opportunities for me to go through circumstances that I would otherwise not experience.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and other ways of thinking through playing her.

Billy:  Chad is your every day guy.  He is somebody just going through life trying to figure out who he is and what he wants to do.  The only thing that seems to be consistent is his love for one woman and that he will do anything for her.

Be sure to catch the double wedding of “Chad Dimera” and “Abigail Deveraux” as well as “Sonny Kiriakis” and “Paul Narita” airing on September 29th and October 2nd.

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