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REACH FOR THE STARS FAN EVENTS — Melville NY, May 5th and 6th, 2018

You know you are in the company of two MAJOR stars of daytime at a charity event when you have such a mixed variety of fans. Diehard fans of “Justin and Adrienne” from Days of our Lives who have shirts with AJ Construction Logos (the construction company that Justin and Adrienne had in 1990). Music lovers who attend concerts of Kurth & Taylor all over the country. Classic soap lovers who remember Judi Evans from her roles on Guiding Light, Another World, As the World Turns and more. “Ned Quartermaine” fans from General Hospital applauding Wally Kurth’s Daytime Emmy nomination this year as “Outstanding Supporting Actor”. At Lisa Marie Campanelli’s latest soap opera charity event in Long Island, these two soap favorites continue to amuse and inspire.

OUTTAKES INTERVIEWS — Wally and Judi talk DAYS OF OUR LIVES, GENERAL HOSPITAL, Daytime Emmys and more…

Enjoy a very special treat from Wally Kurth when he sang us several songs at the fan luncheon, including the love song from DAYS OF OUR LIVES — “Give Me Wings”…

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What would you have done if not acting?
Judi:  I was studying to be a geriatrician.
Wally:  Honestly, I feel I was born to be an actor and singer.

Wally on his Daytime Emmy nomination as “Ned” on General Hospital:

“I’d never been nominated before. It’s nice to be recognized. People are shocked when I say that — which is the best compliment that I could get.”

If you could be on a Broadway show, what show would you like to do?
Wally:  I love Hamilton. I love that score, beautiful melody and lyrics. I still want to do a musical before I retire.
Judi:  I don’t sing, but if I could sing, I love the musical Waitress.

Wally on the difference between “Justin” on Days of our Lives and “Ned” on General Hospital:

“When I first started on Days of our Lives, I took “Justin” very seriously. There was a lot of very dramatic and romantic stuff. “Ned” is a little more me, not quite as serious, more light-hearted. The fact that “Ned” sings all of the time sort of shows that fun quality. I love playing them both.”

Judi on working with Wally as a co-star:

“He is always prepared; a good guy. When he works, he brings a lot to the table. He’s very generous and kind and hilarious.”


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