As an actress, Cady McClain is remembered from her roles as “Dixie” on All My Children, “Rosanna” on As the World Turns and “Kelly” on The Young and the Restless. As an author, she has written Murdering My Youth: A Memoir, Conversations with the Invisible and Licked. As a singer, she has released the albums of Blue Glitter Fish and Club Passim.

Now learn about Cady the director, documentarian and inspiration through her passion project, Seeing is Believing: Women Direct.


After Cady directed the short films Flip Fantasia and The World of Albert Fuh in 2014, she became very aware of the obstacles facing women directors today in a profession dominated by men. Eager to explore more about this issue, Cady traveled around the world, interviewing top directors across all genres, hoping to create a dialogue where we will no longer hear the phrase “women directors”, where there will be no such distinction by gender.


above, Cady McClain with guest director Kimberly McCullough

Cady’s series will give women access to insider information, leadership skill to success and the tools to stay in the game. In addition to the series, the interviews are being turned into a workbook with exercises to help you become the confident visionary storyteller you know is living inside you. There will also be collaboration with directors to create the first ever online class in all aspects of directing.

There is about a month left and less than $9,000 to go for Cady to make her goal of $50,000 in order to make this series a reality. Visit the Indiegogo campaign page to learn more about the series and the available perks for donations.


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All raring to go and be inspired right now? Visit Cady’s Vimeo page and watch the Top Ten Countdown of Leadership Skills for Women, getting a head start with advice and motivation.